Dream Orbit Music Corporation

We have the perfect soundtrack composer for you.

Questions and Answers

What kind of music do you compose?

We compose soundtracks for all types of visual media. Whether you're making a flash game, a short film, a TV commercial, or anything else, we can provide you with the perfect soundtrack composer to meet your needs.

How do I get into contact with a certain composer?

To contact a composer you must contact the DOMC main e-mail. When you message us from there you will be given a composer's e-mail to contact them from.

How much is the DOMC music?

Prices are discussed between client and composer in a one-on-one basis. RPG maker and flash projects will be discussed with the individual composer regarding pricing. For commercial games, contact domc@dreamorbitmusiccorps.com

Can I hear samples of your composers' work?

Yes. We have each of our composers listed in the "Listen to Our Music" section. There you can listen to each of our composers' music samples to get an idea of each composer's style.

What type of payment do you accept?

The payment method will depend on the preference of the specific composer you are working with.

Where can I buy pre-made DOMC soundtracks?

You can buy soundtracks from the DOMC store, SoundClick, or ReverbNation. All the songs and soundtracks available on these sites are royalty free.

What do you use to make music?

We each use a different DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) to make our music, like Pro Tools and FL Studio. Check out the links below if you're interested in making your own music. Once you're experienced with the software and you've got some tracks under your belt, feel free to apply to be one of us. We're always looking for fresh talent to join our team!