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Jisun Hughes Section

Maestro Chief Music Composer Jisun Hughes' music can be found here. Please enjoy her music section, as she is working hard to deliver quality music for you. Here is her personal message:

" Hello and thank you for stopping by my page. It means alot to me when you come on our website and ask for us to make you music, leave testimonials,  leave guestbook remarks, leave comments, sign up to become a member, become a member of the DOMC composer team....the list could go on! I hope you enjoy my music and please don't forget to show support for my team of great composers, the DOMC music team. Thank you." - Jisun Hughes Founder/ Maestro Chief Music Composer of DOMC

Please Choose an Album:

RPG Works of Ji Hughes            For Bryan

Requiem OST                             Robot and Mage

I, The Rhino OST                       Keepers of Time OST

Synthesis Pianist

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