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Jisun Hughes Section

 Keepers of Time Original Soundtrack(2011)(WIP):

1.The Keepers of Time (Main Theme) (1:53)http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/The Keepers of Time (Keepers of Time).mp3


2. Rose's Theme (1:51)http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Rose's Theme (Keepers of Time).mp3


3. The White Parlour (1:10)http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/White Parlour Theme.mp3


4. Sparks of Time (WP Battle Theme)(0:53)http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Spark of Time (White Parlour Battle Theme).mp3


5. Victory Fanfare (0:46) http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Victory Fanfare (Keepers of Time).mp3