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Mythology - Fall of Olympus:

 1.) Normal Battle Theme 1 (Demo) (1:14) (Simon Hertler)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Battle Theme 1.mp3

2.) No Hope (Demo) (1:16) (Simon Hertler)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/No Hope (Demo).mp3

3.) Boss Battle Theme 1 (Demo) (1:36) (Simon Hertler)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Boss Battle Theme 1.mp3

4.) Artemis Chapel (00:57) (John Kadow)
http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Artemis Chapel.mp3
5.) Elafros Town (00:40) (John Kadow)
http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Elafros Town.mp3

 6.) Gulf of Elafros (00:38) (John Kadow)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Gulf of Elafros.mp3

7.) Holy Well (00:31) (John Kadow)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Holy Well.mp3

 8. Mt. Olympus Intro (1:41) (John Kadow)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Mt Olympus Intro.mp3

9. Olympian Sea, Part Two (00:32) (John Kadow)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Olympian Sea Part Two(2).mp3

 10. Opening Theme at Kingdom of Nero (00:36) (John Kadow)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Opening Theme at Kingdom of Nero.mp3

 11. Town Theme Nero (00:37) (John Kadow)

http://www.dreamorbitmusiccorps.com/Town Theme Nero.mp3